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Buying a Truck

For most of the time Dan and I have been married, we’ve only had one vehicle. There were varying reasons over the years. For awhile we had an old, beat up truck as an extra vehicle. A few years into our wedded bliss we had two vehicles that were both decent, dependable vehicles. That lasted a year or so. And secretly, I kind of enjoy having only one vehicle. It means we have to compromise and communicate. Share. And in many ways things are simpler. Not to mention less expensive.

Our van has been paid off for a few months now. We’ve talked about another vehicle, and that it would be a truck. Dan is a hunter. And a fisherman. Pretty much an all around outdoors man. A truck would come in very handy. Until now he has driven our van for all his hunting and fishing needs. Deer in the back of the van is not ideal in either of our minds, but we made due. With gas prices what they are and trucks being traded in for more economical vehicles, it seems to be a good time to buy a truck. We paid more than 20 percent down on it and will have fairly low payments. It will be paid off in three years. I’m betting less time than that. It is not new…a 2000. It has the main things we decided were important. Four wheel drive, a standard size box, extended cab, lower miles and a three year or less payment plan.

So why do I have reservations? The extra money is one. We can afford this, it’s not that…I just go back to how long we’ve only had the one vehicle and made due. Is this a necessity? But more than that I think I am wondering if this will tamper with our family togetherness. Will it increase my shopping? Will it increase Dan’s hunting and fishing? I hope to avoid all those things. Currently we do things together. A trip out of town for shopping would include all of us, and therefore happen less frequently. Will I decide that since Dan’s gone hunting I’ll just go do some errands in another town? One vehicle keeps me home, keeps me planning out our trips, and keeps me honest. Also, will my husband decide that since he’s not leaving me without a vehicle, some extra fishing and hunting days will work out? I don’t begrudge him enjoying his hobbies…he does both pretty frequently already. I just like to see him too. And he’s not much of a homebody.

We’ve talked about these things. And I think if we’re conscious of the potential pitfalls of two vehicles, we’ll really enjoy the freedom it can give.

We’ll find out soon. He should be here with his truck in a few hours.


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Home Again

The trip to HomeTown was wonderful. Dan’s sister and her family were there the whole time. We all used to live in HomeTown and did a lot together. It is nice to get some downtime to reconnect. We also celebrated Dan’s grandmother’s 80th birthday with her at a nice party. Tons of his family attended. Siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, the whole bunch. We also saw some friends. Dan did some fishing with his nephew. The kids had their first experience with driving jet skis. We ate at our favorite restaurants. It was a much needed trip.

The best part? We came back with money left over! We spent about 60% of the cash I took. Can’t beat that.

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