A Job is a Job

I mentioned earlier that I am a child care provider (ccp).  I really enjoy what I do and I am blessed with good families.  I don’t intend for this to become a post about the virtues of childcare vs. the virtues of having your children at home. Nor do I plan to mention the daycare goings on more than how it impacts my budget and home keeping.  I discuss this as a matter of fact in my life…just as my years as a bookkeeper were a matter of fact that impacted how my house ran at that time.

While I have limitations in how much I can leave in search of the great deals…Friday garage sales are out of the question.  Being a ccp is not all limitations.

Of course when my children were of childcare age ( my son still is at 8 years old) I certainly saved money on childcare.  My daughter did go to childcare until she was almost 3, during my bookkeeper years.  But I didn’t really budget then and it wasn’t a huge factor.  Where I see benefit in the bottom line is with the time it allows me to spend my home; cooking from scratch,  planning menus plan and make good grocery lists.  All of this saves me money.

On the simplicity side of things, being a ccp helps our family have more peaceful nights.  Supper is started when snack is being served to the children.  My own children come home from school and often have homework well on the way to completion by 5:00.  Our evenings can be a little slower.  There isn’t a bunch of laundry needing my attention at 7 pm.  Thank goodness for nap time.  I can catch up on some mending while the kids have their free play time in the morning.  I have many helpers in the kitchen to make banana bread or stir up a casserole or pot of soup.  And while this rosy picture isn’t the case 100% of the time, when I’m conscious of how I’m spending my time it is.

I find that sometimes I forget that my job is just a job.  I get wrapped up in all of that work related stuff, sometimes to the detriment of my family/home life.  My focus can get a little off.

I would bet this is the case for all of us.  Whether we work outside the home or inside the home…we have hurdles to overcome and blessings to behold.  The trick is keeping it in perspective.  A job is a job, but the life we make around it is what is important.


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