From Scratch

There are so many degrees of doing things from scratch.  I do a lot of cooking from scratch, but it  seems as though I find a little more to do all the time.  As with many frugal processes, small steps can be taken over periods of time until you are where you never would’ve pictured yourself in the beginning.

I am now a woman of ingredients.  I would’ve never imagined myself making my own season salt or taco seasoning.  Making real mashed potatoes when it wasn’t a special occasion??  I didn’t do that.  But somehow I’ve taken baby step upon baby step until I think nothing of doing those things.  I make my own cocktail sauce for shrimp.  Tonight I whipped up a batch of granola since the oven was on anyway.

I’ll admit that all this cooking from scratch takes time.  But often I don’t think it takes that much more time than convenience foods.  Because I am a busy gal and like figuring stuff out, I keep tabs on it sometimes.  Friday I was making green frosting for a ridiculously sweet treat for our daycare snack, when it occurred to me that making my own frosting took maybe 5 minutes more than tinting store-bought frosting green and dirtied no extra dishes.  And then factor in that the homemade is tastier…well I’d call it a wash.  This isn’t always the case…but I enjoy my time in the kitchen and I feel that overall, buying ingredients is much less expensive.

Some of my cleaners are homemade also.  I’ll admit I haven’t ventured into that area very much.

So what will I learn to make next?  I may need chili sauce for a recipe this week and didn’t think to buy any at the store today, so maybe I’ll search for a recipe tomorrow.  I bet I’ve got the ingredients.


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