Simple Pleasure Sunday

I generally work hard on Sundays.  I wish I could say that I take the day for rest.  I’m working on it.  Saturday is more of my “rest” day than Sunday.  With daycare families back here on Monday mornings by 7:30, I tend to let things go on Saturday and then clean on Sunday.  But not this week.

Saturday had activities penned in for both the morning and afternoon, as did Sunday.  I was getting a little nervous as to when all my to-do list would get done.  So, since Dan planned to either hunt or fish on Saturday, I figured I’d enlist the kids and we’d get the weekend cleaning done.  When Grace and I walked in the house from our afternoon activity there was Dan.  What a surprise.  Instead of scrapping my cleaning plans, I enlisted his help too.  In just a couple of hours we had the house cleaned.  Floors were scrubbed, rugs were washed…the whole works.

That brings me to Sunday.  We were hit with a big storm late Saturday night that raged all day yesterday.  In fact the kids got a snow day today.  So we didn’t make it to church (in the neighboring town) and our afternoon plans, also at church, were postponed.  We were home all day.  It was certainly a simple pleasure to have the time to bake cookies and listen to Christmas music while the kids and Dan shoveled and built a big snow pile in the yard. We didn’t leave home. We didn’t spend money.  We watched movies.  We ate warm cookies.  We enjoyed some relaxing time together.

Now, to accomplish that same kind of day without the blizzard.  Or maybe the focus should be to find some simple pleasure, no matter how crazy the day. hmmm…


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