Merry Christmas

It isn’t really Christmas anymore…not technically.  Late Christmas night, and I’m halfway through the Christmas travel extravaganza.  Everyone is asleep and it feels good to have a little quiet time to myself.  We spent a couple of days at my in-law’s house in HomeTown.  Now we are at my sister’s house.  We’ll be here two nights then have brunch at my mom’s house on the way home on Saturday.  It will be a big loop through Minnesota and back home to do our own Christmas.  I will be honest and say that part of me was dreading this trip.  I really like being home…

I feel like this before most of the trips we take, but almost always end up having a really good time.  That has been the case this time too.  We had a lot of fun with Dan’s family at the BIG Christmas Eve party.  Now we get to spend some time with my sister.  I love her like crazy, although we are different in many ways.  Sometimes it gets hard to feel connected when we are busy with work and kids and are only getting quick phone calls every so often.  I am not always the best sister, especially at finding time to catch up with her.  So I will cherish these times where we get a day or two of time to just sit back and relax.  And eat snacks and pie.  We love to eat…and talk.

It is funny how I can manage to have such a good time in spite of myself.  Someday I will learn to relax and not get so worked up about these trips.  It all works out…and this time it has worked out to be a very merry Christmas.

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful time with friends and family…Merry Christmas!


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