Brrr…It’s Been COLD Outside!

It seems we have a stretch or two of sub-zero weather every winter.  It is Minnesota after all. This year has been REALLY cold though.  Since early in December we’ve had at least a dozen mornings that started out below zero.  We’ve had some days it hasn’t reached zero.  Sunday when we went to church at 7:30am it was -20.  The kind of cold where you better breathe through your nose or your chest will hurt.  I like chilly, brisk, and even cold…but frigid can wear a girl out.

So, today felt wonderfully warm.  The kids and I went out to enjoy the warm weather this morning before lunch.  It was a balmy 10 degrees.  And there was no wind!  I think we all came in feeling a little better for having had the sun shine on our face for a mere 20 minutes.

My task this winter will apparently be trying to keep the gas bill down when it is so cold.  We are no strangers to the automatic thermostat controls.  We have a chilly house between 9pm and 5am.  Extra blankets and warm pajamas  keep the complaints away.  There is plastic on the windows.  The doors are all shut tight.   I don’t know what else to do.

So, knowing that heating this house will cost more this winter,  I guess I’ll try to cut expenses elsewhere. Becoming more diligent in turning things off can help.  Turning off those power strips always helps.  I tend to get lax in shutting off the computer at night.  I can step that up again.  I sometimes skip turning off the power strip to the family room entertainment center.

The kids can help out too.  Being kids they are good at leaving lights and radios on.  We have tried two methods, both with some success.  First, we’ve charged them a quarter for every item we’ve had to turn off for them.  This was nice.  The money went in a family fun jar to be spent together.  They helped Dan break his habit of leaving on the garage light.  It was fun for them to “catch” us and make us pay.  The second was requiring 10 push ups from the offender.  Again, they were more aware of what was on that should be turned off and they liked finding things that would require push-ups out of us.

I will continue to enjoy these warm days, while trying to cut a few other expenses to make up for the inevitably high heat bill.


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