Christmas Shovels

Along with the cold weather, we’ve had a lot of snow this winter.  I can’t believe it is the beginning of January and we already have over three feet of snow.  It stays really cold for a while then warms up just enough to snow for a day or two…then cold again.

We don’t have a snow blower but we do have a large driveway.    With the daycare we have to keep up with the shoveling.  For as much as I like winter, I don’t love to move snow.  Big surprise there.

Happily this is the first year that the kids have been big enough to do a decent job of shoveling.   Really they don’t mind it too much, except that they decided early on that there is only one good shovel.  I realized the importance of this after watching my son have a tantrum worthy of a two year old.  Right in the middle of  the driveway, because his sister had the “good” shovel. That is when I started forming a plan.

At Dan’s parents’ house on Christmas Eve, Santa makes an appearance.  My kids know that it is a relative and not the “real Santa”  but it is fun anyway.  Santa brings a gift for every child, jokes with them a bit and goes on his merry way.  We decided it would be great if Santa would bring our kids new shovels this year.   He brought two new red shovels to our kids and told them that he’d heard they were fighting over shovels at home.  He said that he wanted to make sure they could take care of that driveway without fighting!  Everyone laughed and they got their share of teasing from the family (there were over 60 people there).  I doubt they will forget the Christmas Shovels any time soon.

Those shovels have come in handy already.  The best part is that I haven’t had to use one.


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