Not Much Fun

There are aspects of homemaking that I really don’t like.  I’m sure we all can say that from time to time.  I think that the last few decades have brought about a shift in our attitudes.  I doubt my grandmother ever really complained about her tasks.  I’m equally sure that there had to be some she didn’t like.  I read somewhere an older woman’s tip or hint, if you will, to a young homemaker starting out.  She said something that struck a chord with me.  “You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.”

How often have I lamented a task for longer than it would have taken me to just do it?  Emptying the dishwasher is one of those chores for me.  I absolutely HATE that job.  I will put it off.  But when I just get to it, it only takes ten minutes tops.

There are others too.  When I am tempted to take a short cut, especially one that will cost a little money, I remember these words. Usually that is enough to help me just work through the dreaded task and move on.

And while I am working on the task with all the cheerfulness I can muster, I wonder how many of those  women of days gone by got through their tough times the same way.  I’m sure those women of the past had it MUCH harder. Women living during the  World Wars, Depression, and certainly the pioneers…I guess the dishwasher duty isn’t so bad.

How do you handle the unpleasant jobs?


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