Procrastination Station

Please tell me you all procrastinate too.  Everyone does…right?  This week simple mom talked about eating your frog first thing.  That is what I am trying to do today.

It already isn’t working.  If I were eating my frog I would be taking care of the papers on my desk and updating my accounts in Quicken.  Instead I am typing.  But I plan to eat that frog.  Right after I hit post.

My kids have had a funny habit lately of needing to go to the bathroom every time we tell them to do something.  Especially empty the dishwasher.  We’ll tell them both to go empty the dishwasher and inevitably one will say “just a minute, I have to go to the bathroom”.

Of course, they are hoping that the other will get a lot of it done and there will be less to do when they get back.  We have started telling the other to wait to start until their sibling is done.

I’ve teased them that it sure is weird that simply touching the dishwasher can make them have to go.  And we’ve renamed the bathroom the Procrastination Station.

I realized this morning that I too have a procrastination station. It is here in front of the computer.  I had better find a way around that since the frog I have to eat is right here too…my office clutter and mess.  Maybe if I shut the computer down for the morning.  Except I really should email my sister and my aunt first.  Oh, and I need to finish a photo book  for a gift.  Hmm…this could really be a problem.

Where is your procrastination station?


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  1. I’m glad I read this all the way through, since my roommate has 2 actual frogs for pets!!! I will refer to them now as ‘safe’ frogs…. =)

    The ‘task’ frogs are all croaking at me and I just don’t know which one to choke down first. Probably the laundry frog… Ugh.

    Maybe we should start a “Frog Blog”?!? LOL

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