My Weekly Lists

I struggle as much as the next gal with my list of tasks.  Some say to limit it to 6 things, or 8, or some other arbitrary number meant to keep us from overloading our day.  I’ve never been good at limiting the number of things on my list. I could add to that thing all day.

I love to cross things off.  I’ll even admit to writing a thing or two on the list after I’ve done it, just so I can cross it off.  On a good day I can complete at least a dozen things.  On a lazy day, maybe 4 or 5.

After the exhilaration of crossing off those tasks, I like to have that list out of my head.  I hate spending too much time thinking “what was I going to do?”   A nice long list means I won’t forget what needs done, right?

Planning my list out too far is troublesome for me though.  Obviously if there is something that has to get done on a particular day, then I note that.  Otherwise I might not feel like cleaning the refrigerator on Tuesday.  Or ironing on Thursday.

Making out a weekly to-do list solved most of my problems. I love my weekly lists.  That list can be long.  It can encompass a lot.  And yet is stays flexible.

When I am particularly motivated, I can conquer a good chunk of that list.  If I have a hectic day I can just do one or two things.  Keeping in mind that the goal is to complete the list by the weekend helps me pace myself. I learned the hard way not to leave 80% of it for Friday.

I no longer spend time rewriting the things I didn’t do today on tomorrow’s list.  I don’t worry that I forgot something.  And I spread the sense of accomplishment over the whole week, enjoying all those crossed off items.

My weekly list tends to run from Monday to Friday and then I make a separate weekend list.  Have you ever tried a weekly list?  Or do you find daily lists work best for you?


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