Rethink That Parking Spot


At a baby shower for my first baby, I got some of the best, most practical  advice I’ve ever gotten.  Most advice people give is subjective.  Some things work, some don’t.  This is a tangible piece of advice that has always worked.

When parking at the store or mall, always try to park next to a cart return.  Always.  As close as you can get…even if that means parking farther from the doors.

Why?  When you have a newborn those carriers are heavy and you are tired.  If you park out farther you can always put that infant seat right in a cart in the parking lot and push the baby into the store.

But the  best part is on the way out.  Have you ever parked a distance from a cart return, then when you’ve unloaded your bags into your vehicle you have to push the cart back?  What did you do with your kids?  I was always nervous about  leaving them in the car…even if it was 6 or 7 parking spaces away.  So I would have had to drag them with when all they would want to do is sit down.  With a baby you are carrying them the extra distance to the car from the cart return.

Now that my kids are older and definitely do not ride in carts, I still park near the cart return.  It is really simple to unload those big things like cases of paper towels or toilet paper, or those 8 bags into the van and then pop the cart in the return stall and be on my way.

Next time you are out shopping give it a try.  Park next to the cart return and let me know if it worked for you…because it has worked for me for years.

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3 responses to “Rethink That Parking Spot

  1. I do the same thing! Another helpful mom told me that tip when I was pregnant with my first. Saves a lot of anxiety. Thanks for sharing!!

    • smalltownsimplehome

      Thanks for commenting Amy & Jessica. It’s nice to hear from others who do this…sometimes people I’m with think I’m nuts to park out farther just to be near a cart return!

  2. Amy

    I started doing this when my daughter was a baby. Now I do it even when I don’t have her with me – it is just so much easier.

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