Frugal Friday: Cakes


I will NEVER be confused with a cake decorator. I can bake yummy cakes.  I can make a tasty frosting.  I cannot put the two together.

My mother-in-law decorates beautiful cakes.  She made my wedding cake.  My mom does a good job too, albeit not as fancy as my mother-in-law.  Where do I go wrong?  Who knows.

I just finished making two small cakes and 48 mini cupcakes.  Grace’s birthday is tomorrow and we really celebrate birthdays around here.  One small cake is needed for our daycare treat today.  Another is for her birthday tomorrow.  The cupcakes are going with Grace and me to girl scout winter camp tonight.

Buying all that cake would definitely not be frugal.  Two cake mixes is a much better price…purchased on sale of course.  Some pink homemade frosting is a tasty topping.  But they look a bit plain.  How do I jazz them up?  SPRINKLES! I have many different types of sprinkles around here.  Add a few and you have instant festivity!  Then to really add fun stick some goofy candles in the top and you have a cake fit for a celebration.  Right?

Sprinkles are just the thing to spruce up my cakes on this Frugal Friday.  Check out Biblical Womanhood for more Frugal Friday posts.


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One response to “Frugal Friday: Cakes

  1. katmaxx

    Mini chocolate chips, nuts, fruit snacks and small cookies are fun toppings also. My favorite one is a “candyland” cake where you use real candies for the decorating.

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