Washing Dishes

I like washing dishes.  Really.  Some people in this house will tell you I don’t and that they do all the dishes.  Those people are not to be listened to.  I like to do dishes like I like to paint…on my own and without interruption.  I love the solitude of it, the simplicity.

What I don’t like?  Putting dishes away.  Hate it.  I don’t care if they need put away out of the dishwasher or from the drain board.  I can’t stand putting dishes away.  I put them away as a kid.  I don’t remember hating it then, but maybe I did.  Sometimes that is why I let dirty dishes pile up…because clean ones need put away first.

If there is an empty dish rack or drain board and a stack of dirty dishes I will likely wash them instead of put them in the dishwasher.  I don’t like dishwashers.  More often than not they leave bits or scum on the dishes.  That little bit of sandy stuff dried inside a glass?  I hate that.

Now that you probably think I’m nuts, I’ll tell you that we actually waited to replace out broken dishwasher for over a year.   There were two reasons I bought a new one.  The first was because it meant much more to my husband and kids than it ever would to me.  The second is that it seemed like a waste of space to have that broken dishwasher in the kitchen.

And secretly I sometimes wish it was still broken.  Especially when I am chiseling that sandy grit off of a glass.


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