Alternate Uses for My Dishwasher

I had just told you all about how I don’t like dishwashers when I ran across this article at Homemaker Barbi.

I have done a few of these…#4 for example, and #15.

But I think there are some other uses for my dishwaher that I might try.  I may take out that top rack and wash  a few of my smaller garbage cans in there.  It’s tough to take them outside and really clean them during a MN winter (which of course runs mid-Oct to at least mid-April).  I also think that next time I find one of those baseball hat forms at the thrift store I’ll snatch it up and give hat washing a try.  And with all the toy washing and disinfecting I do, I might put together a load of toys from time to time and see what I think.

Once I’ve tried out some of these other uses, I’ll let you know how it worked out…maybe I’ll fall in love with this dishwasher after all.

What do you wash in the dishwasher besides dishes???


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One response to “Alternate Uses for My Dishwasher

  1. Thanks so much for the link!

    You know, when I realized I could save time by sanitizing so many things in the dishwasher, I got a little goofy trying to come up with as many ideas to try as possible! I think my favorite is the hairbrushes, especially if you use hair products. They come out just like new.

    Good luck doing your trash cans- I think you’ll be hooked. 🙂

    Danelle Ice from Homemaker Barbi

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