How I Wanted to Buy a Stove

Over a  year ago I was not a happy baker.  My oven had given up baking nice and was being temperamental.  One minute it would be 350 degrees and happily baking cookies…the next minute it would shoot up to 450 degrees and would be burning cookies.  I would sit in front of the oven window peering in at the oven thermometer inside, making adjustments as needed all the while my cookies were baking.  It was ridiculous and I told my oven that repeatedly.

Casseroles and quick breads generally did OK, as they aren’t quite so picky about the temperature fluctuations.  They still needed watching though.  Having a home daycare and cooking from scratch as much as I do made this a pretty inconvenient time.  Unfortunately Dan and I both agreed that buying a new oven just wasn’t  feasible then.  That alone shows how far we’ve come in spending…in HomeTown we would’ve gone out and charged one the week after it started acting up.   Instead we listed all the things that were more important and why we shouldn’t spend any emergency money on it.  I’ll be honest.  I resented telling myself no.  I thought about new stoves a lot.  And I quit baking cookies.

This went on for 6 months and during that time the stove top burners were  iffy too.  When we moved in one of the large burners didn’t work.  The other large burner worked when it wanted to…sometimes weeks at a time and then would quit for days.  I could count on two small burners and a wonky oven.  Eventually it was starting to suck the joy out of my time in the kitchen.  That, and my crock pots got a lot of use.

In May we finally had some money put aside to buy a new one…but it took me another month to part with my money and actually buy one.  Crazy?  Tune in tomorrow to find out why I waited.


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