Earth Day

On this Earth Day I thought I’d share some ways we Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.


  • We put shampoo and conditioner in pump containers so the children here can’t dump too much in their wet little hands.  Stanley knows to take one squirt, while Grace uses two.  BIG savings.
  • I now print receipts from online shopping and bill payment to my computer…no more paper printouts.  Saves some paper that way.
  • We use cloth napkins.  With this switch we have reduced the paper napkin purchases to ZERO!
  • We often use rags instead of paper towels.
  • There are low-flow shower heads on both showers


  • I use the back of the kids’ school work for computer printing that is for personal use, saving the “good” paper for important print jobs.  Dan brings home office paper to recycle in this way too.
  • Saving the return mailing envelopes that come in junk mail means that I always have an envelope for things that won’t go through the US postal service.  Lunch money, field trip forms being returned, the garbage payment that gets dropped off…that kind of thing.
  • Small food containers are reused for snack containers for the daily snacks the kids take to school.
  • Various glass jars have become canisters in my kitchen once the lids were spray painted to give a uniform look.


  • We donate our old clothes to local thrift stores.  The tax deduction is nice too.
  • We recycle everything that our town lets us, and that we haven’t re purposed.
  • Items we no longer need that can be of use to someone else are given to them.
  • We buy many items, including clothing, from thrift stores and garage sales.

On another note…my son also enjoys picking up any odd thing he finds while out walking or riding his bike.  A single dirty work glove.  Some metal tubing from something or other, all bent up of course.  On the funny side, he always has some strange notion of KEEPING all this.

And Dan?  He makes a living helping our planet.  He plants tens of thousands of trees per year and helps restore wildlife areas and wetlands in our neck of the woods.

They sort of make us girls look like slackers.

So, here is a sampling of the ways we help this Earth of ours…what are your favorite ways to reduce, reuse & recycle?


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