Heathly Habits

Last week we had a few crazy nights, not unlike other busy families.  Grace is in Volleyball and has a crazy practice schedule sometimes.  She needed to eat before the rest of us so I pulled some leftover chicken and a bun out.  Add some BBQ sauce and she had a nice BBQ chicken sandwich.  Glass of milk.  Good to go.

But then I heard, “Don’t we have a banana or carrot or something?”

Busted.  I was out of all fresh produce except for carrots, which she’d had in her lunchbox that day.  She accepted the carrot I offered and ate her dinner quick before leaving.

It was nice to know that they do pay attention to the food groups that show up on their plate.  And even miss some of them when they are absent.  After dropping her off for practice I bought the following produce: 5# bag apples, 3# bag oranges, broccoli, cauliflower, bananas, kiwi and celery.  Happily my total for a basket of fresh produce was only $12.

No one has had to ask for a fruit or vegetable since.


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