Simple Saturday

I struggle with perfectionist tendencies.  I wish it wasn’t the case.  I wish that I could really believe that done is better than perfect.  Sometimes I do.  Not usually though.

The Simple Home from my title is what I’ve had glimpses of and LOVED.  It is what I strive to achieve for myself and my family.  Slowing down, enjoying the journey, taking pleasure in the simple things…this is my goal.

I truly enjoy it when things simply roll along.  I see those days…just not as often as I’d like.  It can be so easy to get lulled along by these simple days that it seems like no big deal to add one more activity…until that  one more thing has erased the “simple” from your days.  Or some uncontrollable events can throw a little chaos into things.  Once derailed, it can be tough to get back on the simple track.

So on this Saturday I will write a general list of those things I’d like to do.  Then I’ll set about doing them.  Simple.  Think & do.   No worries about all the extra stuff.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was a simple home.


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