Making Do: Glass Storage Jars

Over a year ago I saw some glass jars for kitchen storage at a discount store.  The size and price varied but I think the smallest (and least expensive) was at least $6.00.  I loved the look of them.  I daydreamed about the things I’d put in jars like this.  Oatmeal.  Rice.  Tootsie Rolls.  Homemade granola.  So many possibilities.

I never put one in my cart though.  These are the type of purchases that used to put me over budget (not that I was really sticking to a budget back then) and ultimately had me overspending.  I always felt justified in buying things for the house.  “I don’t buy for me…it was for the house!”

Now I make do.

Shortly after I fell in love with the idea of these glass storage jars, I emptied a large applesauce jar.  Hey…I could use that.  Then I emptied a pickle jar.  And a couple of cheese spread jars.  After going over the lids with a couple of coats of black chalkboard spray paint, I had my own storage jars.  One even held dog treats.  I wrote little things on the lids with chalk too.  Like “dog treats” with paw prints…no one wants to get confused as to what was in there!

glass jars

I love my mismatched jars.  I think the black lids give a bit of a unifying feeling.  I always look twice at a jar before putting it in the recycling.  You just never know what could be stored in it!

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10 responses to “Making Do: Glass Storage Jars

  1. I too have started doing this — the peanut butter I buy comes in jars I really like, with metal lids…I’ve started just putting a lot of stuff in those. It somehow makes looking in the cupboard a little easier!

  2. Clever, clever–not only to make-do with the jars, but to paint the lids with chalkboard paint! That’s just brilliant!

    So glad you’re participating–I really love hearing people’s stories and seeing their great solutions!

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  4. Val

    I love my glass jars. Many of them are as old as me. But you gave me a new idea of painting the lids and I wanted to say I LOVE that idea and thank you!


  5. That is so cute! I love the mismatched jars AND the unifying effect of the black lids! I will surely keep this in mind…

    I love canisters, but canisters you can SEE into are the best!

  6. I have always kept my larger glass jars. But I have never painted the lids- that is an awesome idea.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. smalltownsimplehome

    Thanks so much for the comments! I have a little obsession with black chalkboard spray paint. It makes so many things look a little better.

  8. I’ve done this forever (married 26 years, and I did it from the beginning- see the link above for some of our jars), but it NEVER occurred to me to paint the lids! What a neat idea!

  9. Carla

    My mom and dad saved glass jars and used them for storage, so I started doing it when we got married and still do. Back in the 1970’s I worked at a local chain of movie theaters and got their gallon pickle jars when they were empty. I used them for my canisters: flour, sugar, oats, corn meal, macaroni, dried beans, rice, dried milk, etc… Smaller jars are good for left overs; marshmallow creme jars are good for cut onions and tomatoes because they have a wide mouth and are easy to get things in and out. Sometimes the shape or beauty of a jar will cause me to buy a different brand because I want the jar. I may have to pay a little more, but it’s still cheaper than buying an empty one at World Market. I have some plastic in my kitchen, but I don’t like it and if I have a choice I always choose to buy a food product that’s in glass. And of course, I accumulate too much, so the excess goes to recycling. But, oh, how I love those half gallon jars of pickles or jalapenos from Sam’s.

    • smalltownsimplehome

      Carla, you are a lucky girl with a collection of gallon jars. I’d love some bigger ones, so I’m on the look out all the time. I really like the smaller, wide mouth jars too…they are perfect for leftovers. With the lids sprayed with chalkboard paint, I can write the date on them too. Sometimes helps me remember just how long those things have been there.

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