Simple Saturday

It’s Saturday again and I’m trying to keep it simple.  Productive but not crazy ambitious.  Of course “crazy ambitious” died when I slept in until 9:00.  I’ve got a terrible spring cold so I’m nursing that too.

Continuing the theme of not over thinking my to-do list, I have just a few general items to look at: clean up where needed, change out toys and supplies for work, mow the lawn, garden.  And of course errands: bank, library, thrift store, groceries (we don’t need much, just some loss leader stuff).

I struggle with how much to do on a Saturday.  I like one weekend day to be more relaxed, where I don’t really have to do anything unless I want to.  This used to be Saturdays mostly because there is always some work to do on Sundays just to get ready for work on Monday.  Lately I’ve felt a push to change that around so I’m trying to do some things differently.

When do you tend to relax?  Saturday? Sunday? Some other day?


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