Make-Do Monday: Bibs

I use lots & lots of bibs.  Sometimes up to 4 per meal at breakfast, lunch and snack.  I don’t like Velcro bibs much, mostly because they stick to the other laundry and then don’t stick together at mealtime.  Heavy usage also  means I  can wear out a lot of bibs.

Currently I have 3 sweet little girls here during the day, all in bibs.  Often there is a little toddler girl that drops in.  Toddlers often need tie bibs…that way we are sure they stay on through the whole meal!  The other girls are all 2ish and almost out of bibs but do need a little protection. They are good about keeping those bibs on through a whole meal.

I thought of replacing some velcro or sewing on some ties but didn’t get to it.  In flipping through a children’s catalog I saw just what I wanted.  It was an elastic band with fasteners of some sort on each end.  You could use it to turn almost anything into a bib.  At almost $15 a pop, it was way out of my price range, but it did get me thinking.  What could I use to do that???

After browsing around the discount store I happened upon the laundry aisle.  For a few dollars I went home with a package of 4 elastic bands meant to hold on ironing board covers. They work beautifully.  Now I use old burp clothes as bibs too.  Even a dish towel works on spaghetti day.  After using these, I found some of those fasteners that keep mittens hooked to coat sleeves…those are good too, but not as long.  These fasteners also hold tightly, which is important when the kid just doesn’t want a bib, but also isn’t old enough to do their own laundry!

This elastic fastener makes this infant bib usuable on a toddler.

This elastic fastener makes this infant bib usuable on a toddler.

I  solved my Velcro problem too.  A clothespin works just fine to hold those bibs on securely.

A clothespin can make a quick and easy closure for bibs.

A clothespin can make a quick and easy closure for bibs.

My make-do solution to the bib problem will be my permanent way of doing things, and I even suggest to the daycare parents that they throw one of those elastic straps in their bags or purses so they can always  fashion a bib out of something, even paper towels, when needed.

Check out Ann’s site for more Make-Do Monday solutions.  There are some clever things over there.



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5 responses to “Make-Do Monday: Bibs

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  2. I love, love, love this elastic thing! I had a girl who was a projectile vomiter. This would have been the perfect solution, because I could have used towels and more absorbant items with greater coverage.

    We used clothespins, but they sometimes slipped off.

    I ended up making my own out of hand towels, using stretchy material that’s used for T-shirt necks. It kept it comfortable, but fairly close to her skin, so that the oozy stuff wouldn’t slide down her chest and into her clothes.

    That was a very difficult year of my life. Now that same girl is 13. No more bibs!

  3. What a brilliant idea! I am adding these clips to my dollar store list. I know this will come in handy when my youngest gets into solid food. Thanks for posting this!

  4. This is wonderful. I have been looking for solutions to my ‘big’ boys spilling on their shirts. When I was at the Dentist I decided I needed something like their bib holder- you know the 2 clips with a straw?

    So I made my own with a strap and alligator clips from name tags and the like and now my ‘men’ can eat and not worry about their shirts.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  5. I love the idea to use the clips to keep bibs on! I just bought some of those at Joanns the other day because they were called for in a binky clip I was making. What I think they would be great for is extending the life of a bib after my son’s neck has gotten too big… with the clip, you’ll gain a couple inches 🙂

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