A Mother’s Love

When last I posted here my mom was on her way to visit us.  She made the four hour trip to be at Grace’s band concert that Thursday night.  To hear just a few songs.  My mom does a great job of trying to see her grandchildren in action.  She stayed and hung out with the kids until the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.  Dan and I worked like crazy to tear out our old fence surrounding our backyard and replace it with a nice new one.  Talk about hard work…if my mom wouldn’t have been here it would have been slowed down a lot.  A mother’s love.

Friday I travelled the four hours to my mom’s house to give her her Mother’s day gift.  Her gift?  A weekend of labor.  Mostly gardening.  We shopped and gardened.  She loves that I come and take care of the big garden things, leaving her to just keep up with weeds and watering.  I go alone and that is one of the best parts for both of us I think.

Probably because I am home all the time and see my kids all the time, I don’t mind leaving them for awhile.  I do miss them though.  I love to hear all they have to tell me when I return.  I love those kids like crazy.

Yesterday I drove a local foreign exchange student to the airport about 1.5 hours away.  His host family couldn’t take him to meet his mom who was flying in.  He hadn’t seen any family or friends since he left his home country Labor Day weekend.  I knew he was anxious to see his mom.  And I could imagine how anxious she was to see her oldest child, whom I’m sure she’s missed like crazy.

Seeing them meet in the airport brought tears to my eyes.  And I’m not a particularly emotional person.  We were waiting near the baggage area and as she was coming down the escalator they spotted each other.  He started walking over to her in the unhurried “cool” way of a teenage boy and she started running down the escalator.  She hugged him tight, looked at him, hugged him some more and wiped tears away before hugging him again.  he just hugged her back, grinning from ear to ear.  It was beautiful.  A mother’s love.

Days can be busy and work can be hard, but there is always love surrounding us if we take the time to notice.  And really, what else matters?


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