Just in Case

My son is a thoughtful soul.  Sometimes it takes some looking to find it…but it is there.  He is gentle and easily hurt.  A mother sees what the toothy grin can try to hide.

He has always insisted on giving me hugs and kisses before I leave to go anywhere. Even a 15 minute run to the library or store.  I can holler a goodbye, that I’ll be back in a few minutes and in response I’ll hear “just a minute” as my boy races to me for a “hug & kiss!”

I’m surprised that at nine years old he insists on this.  I’ll admit I sometimes get annoyed…enough already, I’ll be right back & I need to get going. I know I should enjoy this while it lasts…

Recently I asked why we do this every time I’m leaving.  He told me “just in case”.  “Just in case what?” I asked.

“In case you get in a car accident or something,”  he said as his voice trailed off, not wanting to elaborate on the something.

Wow.  I had no idea.  OK then.  Hugs and kisses it is. For as long as you like kid.


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