Naps are Nice

Saturday night was a night of little sleep.  I went to bed at a decent time, but got up later unable to sleep.  I rarely have this problem.

Anyway, on the way home from church Sunday I told my family that I might just need a nap.  My wonderful husband told me not to try to justify it…that naps are nice and I should definitely take one that afternoon.  No explanation needed.

I don’t usually nap.  In fact it is very rare that I sleep during the day.  There is usually too much on my list and I feel like I have to keep going.  Lately however, I am beginning to truly realize that some of that stuff really isn’t so important.  Those items on the list can wait. And naps are nice.

After a two hour nap on the couch I felt energized and spent the next three hours in the kitchen making all kinds of goodies.  And the world didn’t come to a stop while I slept.

I don’t think I’ll make a habit out of the afternoon nap…but once in awhile when I’m tired I’ll remember the wise words of my husband.  And maybe even invite him to take a nap with me.


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