Make-Do Monday: Bed Skirt

A few months ago we bought Grace a double bed.  She’d been sleeping in her daybed for ten years and it was time for a bigger bed.  Plus, now we can use her double as a guest bed.  Especially when grandparents are here.  Living so far from family makes you look at sleeping space differently.

Anyway.  Her new bed looks nice and could use sheets we already had…and happened to be a pale pink that matches her room well enough.  I only bought a white comforter to put on top as nothing we had would be warm enough in the winter or go at all in her room  decor wise.  The comforter was a good deal so it all worked out.  Then we added some bed risers so she could have the extra storage under her bed.

The problem was that with the bed up an extra few inches you could see all the stuff stored under there.  Not cute.  What’s under her bed?  A box of canned tomatoes, Barbie dolls that the daycare kids play with sometimes, shoes, a case of mandarin oranges.  You know…things we NEED.

What I really wanted was to get her a bed skirt.  Her room has a lot of color in it, all based off of the print sheet set we started out with a few years ago.  Well with the bigger bed and different bedding she didn’t have the “pulled together” look she once did.  So I decided to use her old flat sheets (she had two sets of the twin size print sheets) overlapped for a bed skirt.

A glimpse of our make-do bedskirt.

A glimpse of our make-do bed skirt.

I’m pretty happy with the results.  She has the under-bed stuff hidden but still reachable and the sheets pull all the colors together again.  A win-win.

How do you make-do?  See how others get creative over at Ann’s site every Monday.



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6 responses to “Make-Do Monday: Bed Skirt

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  2. Oh, that is a fantastic solution, making-do with what you already have on hand! Leila would probably cut them apart and sew them onto a big piece of fabric, making little gathers and all that or a tailored corner. I like your quick and simple solution–looks wonderful! Thanks for participating and giving us another great idea for how to spruce up our bedrooms the make-do way.

  3. The photo shows how well this works- AWESOME!!

    Such an easy fix, but I am sure it took a little bit of thinking, but you got it right!!

    Great make-do and thanks for sharing.


  4. smalltownsimplehome

    Thanks for the comments!

    Ann, I thought of Leila too…she’s always got great solutions. I opted not to sew something because sometimes I’m just lazy like that, and I may want to use them as sheets again. They are in great shape and have fitted sheets for them, so you never know. This way I can keep my options open.

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