My grandfather would have been 96 this week.  He’s been gone just over a year and I still miss him terribly.  He was a great guy and taught me so many life lessons.  He led by example and was not one to impose his ideas on others. He loved the Lord and his family.  He was frugal and friendly.  I was always proud to call him my grandpa.

In honor of his birthday week I’d like to share some of the things he taught me.

  • If you work hard it pays off.
  • There has to be some balance of work and play.
  • Pay cash.
  • If you can’t pay cash then pay off the debt as quickly as you can.
  • God & family…that is what is important.
  • Enjoy what you have.
  • A sense of humor always helps you get through the rough spots.
  • Love endures.
  • Just because you have money to spend, it doesn’t mean you should spend it.
  • Fun & good times don’t have to cost a lot.

I celebrated his love of life this week with a trip to a local strawberry farm.  After picking a LOT of big, beautiful strawberries I made shortcake.  Grandpa loved fresh strawberry shortcake.  Many times for his birthday my mom would make a HUGE strawberry shortcake with multiple layers of shortcake and berries.  We would put candles in it and then slice it like it was a layer cake.   Delicious.

I think that grandpa would be happy to see the frugal fun my family is having and he certainly would’ve enjoyed the shortcake.


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