Menu Plan Monday: July 27

I’m back from vacation…11 days of no cooking, cleaning or laundry.  It was a wonderful getaway, but I’m ready to be back to the family routine.

Itchy to get in the kitchen, I asked what the family ate in my absence so I wouldn’t repeat anything.  Coming back home after my trip, I stopped at Sam’s Club to restock some staples that I always get there.  Now I’m ready!

Today I’ll be making a big batch of spaghetti sauce and probably 3 batches of banana bread.  I can get bananas half price at a little place near my mom’s house so when I am there I tend to buy a bag full.

Here’s the plan for the week:


  • Raspberry muffins, banana & milk
  • Banana bread, milk & raspberries
  • English muffins with peanut butter, banana, milk
  • Cereal, milk & apple juice
  • Cinnamon rolls, oranges, milk


  • Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, carrots, grapes, milk
  • Lasagna hot dish, lettuce & milk
  • Shredded chicken on a bun, carrot slaw, baked beans, milk
  • Pork fried rice, oranges & pineapple, broccoli, milk
  • Bean & cheese burritos, corn, lettuce, milk


  • Leftover Stromboli, green beans, milk
  • Pork chops, rice, broccoli, applesauce
  • BBQ Chicken pizza, pineapple, milk
  • Leftovers
  • Hot dogs and venison brats, apples, carrots, chips, soda pop


  • Bread sticks with spaghetti sauce
  • Cereal & milk
  • Cupcakes & milk
  • Whole grain crackers & apple juice
  • Yogurt & apples

Additional Notes:

  • the lettuce and raspberries are homegrown
  • if no beverage is listed, we’re drinking water
  • meals are listed in M-F order

For more menu plans check out the Menu Plan Monday links over at OrgJunkie’s site. You won’t be disappointed.



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3 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: July 27

  1. I hope you will come by Dining With Debbie and sign up for Crock Pot Wednesday. Mister Linky is up and waiting for your entry. The first of the three giveaways is already posted. You won’t want to miss out on these.

  2. I only drink water, that comment made me smile cuz I wouldn’t even think about something like that 🙂

    • smalltownsimplehome

      It felt funny putting it down, too. It amazes me the people that think I’m depriving my kids by having them drink water at a meal now and then…I watch their dairy servings and once they’ve had enough, it’s water. Thanks for stopping by!

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