My vacation was a chance to hit the reset button on things.  Refocus on my priorities. While I didn’t accomplish all I had hoped, there was a lot of time for thinking.  Three days in a car each way will do that.

Really, I know what is important for a healthy me is enough sleep, good food in moderation and exercise. I’ve stressed out about how to attain these things in the past.   I’m feeling calmer about it now.

My first focus is enough sleep.  So far so good.  I’ve been up around 5:30 everyday since getting home on
Saturday.  The extra time has been nice.  I’ve gotten supper prepped, watered the garden and other various tasks before work begins.  Since I’m getting up earlier I’ve made a commitment to go to bed earlier.  Sleep has come by 10:30 each night, and often earlier than that.  My insomnia seems to be gone too.

In August I plan to use that early morning time to get to the community center to work out three of the days.

As for the food…I’m going to take that slow.  Cooking from scratch is already the norm around here, and we eat a fairly balanced diet with some whole grains.  I’d like to increase the variety of whole grains and vegetables we eat.  I also want to cut down on sugary snacks we seem to hunt for in the evening.  Portion size and sweet snacks are probably my biggest obstacle. I have noticed this week that when I get that nagging feeling to get a snack, like ice cream, late in the evening I’m just going to bed instead.

So that’s where I’m at this week.  After some time to reflect, I seem to be taking things in stride much better than I was. It’s OK that the house isn’t in perfect shape.  It’s OK if there are some jobs left for tomorrow.  Or next week.  Or crossed off altogether and not ever done.

How do you refocus and unwind?


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