When Less is More.

Looks like less time home means more time between posts.

I spent several days in HomeTown last week into this week.  It was my man’s class reunion.  Being his high school sweetheart and just a year younger, I knew most of the alum in attendance.  It was a fun weekend.  And the rest of this week I am on vacation.  My daycare is closed and I’m catching up on projects around the house.  Taking care of things that have been on my lists for a while and making choices as to how to spend this week has me thinking about other areas where the choices we make lead to either/or situations.

  • Less time thinking about what others’ think truly leaves more to enjoy.
  • Less clutter is more time spent NOT dusting & searching.
  • Less on the calendar means more time at home, kickin’ back.
  • Less on the to-do list means more gets crossed off.
  • Less prepackaged food means more wholesome fresh food to enjoy.
  • Less time spent thinking about all there is to do means more time actually doing it!

How about you?  When is less actually more?


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