A Dentist?

Last week my son had two teeth pulled, as advised by the orthodontist.  They were baby teeth that were still solidly planted in his head.  All went well with the visit except those new holes wouldn’t stop bleeding.  We learned that tea bags have something in them that aids in clotting so once we replaced those gauze pads with tea bags the bleeding stopped.

This week my daughter had a piece of tooth break off during lunch.  This was a slightly wiggly baby tooth.  It was uncomfortable and moderately painful.  I feared what might now be exposed and if we were at any risk for infection. I called the dentist who looked at her xrays from June’s regular check up.  The big tooth was right under this baby so the dentist thought we should be able to pull it ourselves.

I don’t know how things work in your house, but my kids have NEVER been willing to let us “help” a loose tooth out.  Often teeth will hang by a thread for days.  So I was not optimistic that Grace would be willing to try pulling this tooth out.  And even less optimistic that she’d let me help.

I told her that the dentist would like us to try and get the tooth out ourselves, but if we couldn’t we could take her in and they’d numb it and pull it out.  Then I told her if she got it out I would give her $20!  She didn’t believe it at first but when I explained that the dentist would cost over $100, she saw that I was serious.

She worked on that tooth for about an hour.  I haven’t seen determination like that in a long time!  Finally she was $20 richer and I had saved about $100.  I call that a win-win situation.

The next day I had my regular cleaning at the dentist.  I filled her in on the outcome of Grace’s tooth and she laughed and wondered if maybe we had the makings of a dentist or maybe oral surgeon on our hands?  One never knows…


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