Small Town

After a trip east with my mom, which I loved, and a trip to HomeTown that was really fun, I’m ready to be in SmallTown for a bit.  This month marks 4 years since the moving truck delivered all our stuff to our new home.  It’s been a wild ride but I find myself more settled here.

It gets harder and harder to want to spend the hours in the car to visit family around the state.  We’ve carved out a place for ourselves here and really enjoy just living the ordinary life of small town folk.

My sister and her kids are here visiting this weekend.  Tomorrow we’ll take a drive to Itasca State Park for some hiking and a picnic.  By the time we get back here my niece and nephew will be able to say they walked across the Mighty Mississippi River.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing day with family.  I’ll cross the river on those slippery rocks too, hoping not to fall in again.

Life is good.


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