WFMW: Rubbing Alcohol


A while back one of my children fell asleep playing with NEON ORANGE silly putty.  Obviously I didn’t know they were playing with it in BED!  The next morning the poor child sheepishly told me they had a mess.  Boy was it a mess.  That silly putty was on everything.  Flannel sheets.  A favorite stuffed animal.  Blankets.  Did I mention it was NEON ORANGE??

Google quickly gave me thousands of possible sites with answers to “silly putty on sheets” but I was afraid I wouldn’t have the supplies needed. These are the times where being stuck at home all day is not to my advantage.  Fortunately rubbing alcohol seemed to be a recurring solution.  I HAD THAT!  In a minty scent.  Leftover from a craft project.

I learned that day that with plenty of time and patience, rubbing alcohol would dissolve silly putty.  I got out virtually all the silly putty, although a little of the orange coloring remained.  Really, what could I expect?  NEON ORANGE!

Happily I’m here to tell you that where silly putty is concerned, rubbing alcohol works for me!

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4 responses to “WFMW: Rubbing Alcohol

  1. I can totally picture what that mess would look like! My daughter is not quite two yet so she’s not ready for silly putty yet. Right now I think she’d be more interested in eating it but when the time comes, I’ll keep your words of advice in mind!

  2. Who would have thought? Sounds like a disaster that you were able to solve. 😉

  3. joeys gal

    we have the rule that all silly putty and play-doh stays in the kitchen…no carpet!! for that matter, so do drinks.

    • smalltownsimplehome

      Oh we have similar rules. This child was 11 at the time and just wasn’t thinking. I think she’d won it at school for something and had just brought it home that week. I knew nothing about it. She thought she’d put it on her nightstand before she fell asleep…guess not.

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