Frenzied Friday

There were two infants here this morning, both under 4 months old.  Ten children in all.  My son is leaving for a party soon and my girl is out with friends this afternoon.  Happy baby went home before lunch and I just fed not-so-happy baby.  That is no small task.  Now she is resting and I get 10 minutes to unwind before the next activities start.

It seems like sometimes when things get crazy I can actually find more to enjoy.  A bit of cleaned off counter top and the hum of the dishwasher is more satisfying.  I think that is because I lower my standards.  When I’m simply shooting to get through the day in one piece and  with a sense of humor,  I quit shooting for perfection. And I’m a little happier.

So during this frenzied Friday fun I am looking forward to a weekend without anything scheduled.  I have plenty I want to do…but I’ve been reminded today that maybe perfection isn’t the goal.  I’ll write at the top of the list that something is better than nothing.

Happy Friday!  I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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