Double Coupons

I had my first experience with double coupons the other day.  I know.  Some of you can’t believe it.  You use those double coupons and all that other good stuff to get all kinds of things for free, or close to it.  Unfortunately I don’t’ have those resources.  Driving 60 miles to double a coupon doesn’t make much sense to me.

So how did I manage a couple of double coupons?  I noticed a few weeks ago that our local discount store has double coupons for a week every couple of months.  I don’t usually save coupons, partly because I find I save more on generic or lower price brands and I tend to print just the coupons I need for shopping at one of the grocery stores in town, or Walmart.

The discount store had our favorite brand of baked beans on sale for $1 per can (the big 28oz can) so I went to buy a case.  I noticed a sign on some juice that was a good sale price.  Hey!  I have some promo coupons for that kind of juice!  $1 off two.  So…that would be $2 off two, right?  I bought four and after my two coupons had four 64oz bottles of 100% juice for 65 cents each.  I was so excited.

I got a glimpse of the rush that can come from a phenomenal deal…but I don’t think I’ll be looking any harder for coupons.  I will however, keep an eye out for the next double coupon week and see what I have then.  It was a fun thrill, but I still don’t have the opportunities available consistently enough to make it worth my time to start cutting and organizing lots of coupons.

I’ll admit that sometimes I think all the deal chasing is a little crazy…this little glimpse showed me why some of you ladies get hooked!

What’s the best deal you’ve gotten lately??


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