Back to Packing Lunches

Lunches packed on a day last May.

Lunches packed on a day last May.

The kids are back in school today and that means I’ll be back to packing lunches tomorrow.  We sat down yesterday and talked about what they think they’d like in lunches this year.

Here’s what they said they want:

  • PBJ sandwiches
  • Ham or turkey sandwiches or wraps (this is exciting and new…they never really wanted deli meat before)
  • The makings for a chef salad or SW chicken salad, so they can mix it up at school
  • Yogurt with granola or cereal and fruit
  • Muffin, cheese stick and fruit or veg
  • Homemade lunchable – turkey pepperoni, sliced cheddar and wheat thins or triscuits
  • Cold pizza (this is the boys favorite)
  • Bean & cheese burrito (they want it cold)
  • Venison BBQ meat in a thermos with a bun to put it on (this is new too…they’ve resisted taking hot things in a thermos, so we’ll see)

Last year we got in a carrot rut, so this year I need to be better about varying their veggie & fruit choices. Apples spritzed with lemon or pineapple juice, carrots & celery, grapes, banana, applesauce, canned fruit…all these will find a place in the lineup.

Desserts are still a must. I was told that homemade is still a favorite, especially monster bars, brownies and cookies.  Otherwise a few tootsie rolls, m&ms or mini candy bar is good too.

And then I asked if they would still like jokes in their lunchboxes.  Silly me.  Of course they do…they both looked at me like that was obvious and I was not real bright.   My son said they’d like more tongue twisters too.  It will be fun digging up some of those.  I have a whole shoe box full of jokes from last year so I don’t have to worry about getting the year started.

The September lunch menu is marked (both kids want to eat at school every Tuesday) and I have some lunchbox basics stocked up.  The lunchboxes are out of the closet and dusted off.  I think I’m ready!

How about you?  Do you pack lunches?  What do you pack?


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