WFMW: Tea Bags


In August my son started his orthodontics adventure.  Currently all we needed to do was have 2 teeth pulled.  We’ll recheck in 6 months.  Not so bad.  Unless you have never had any work done at the dentist except the routine cleanings and exams.

The little guy was fairly nervous and I explained that the little sticks from the shots to numb up his mouth were likely all that would hurt.  And it wouldn’t be that bad.  I was right and he did a great job.  No tears or complaining…just two big holes in his mouth afterward.

We went home with a little extra sterile gauze in case we needed it.  No big deal, right?  Except those holes wouldn’t quit bleeding.  We went through the dentist’s gauze and some of ours (good thing my first aid kit is always stocked) and FOUR hours later those holes were still bleeding.  Like drip from his mouth bleeding.

Thankfully our dentist is open in the evenings on Tuesdays so I called to see what we should try next.  She advised we replace the gauze with tea bags! Tea bags?  Yep.  Apparently there is something in there that aids in clotting.  We did as advised and within 20 minutes the bleeding had stopped copletely.

That kid looked funny with two tea bags in his mouth, strings hanging out.  Best of all was the relief on his face.  I think he had been getting worried about all the blood.

So my tip today is to have some tea bags on hand if someone is having some dental work…you never know when they could come in handy.  And I wondered it they would work on other things?  How about that skinned knee that is just oozing a little?  could you put a tea bag in the freezer (or keep a couple in there) for these type of kid things?  The size is right and it would be safe for them to use…hmmm…I’ll have to think about that.

As always, We are THAT Family has a collection of great links over there for Works-for-me-Wednesday.  Check it out!



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3 responses to “WFMW: Tea Bags

  1. I read online to use a warm tea bag on an eye stye. It worked!

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