New Month, New Plan

Well, last month I mentioned that I felt as though I was treading water.   This week has been looking up, but yesterday when I had planned to finally do a post to recap that grocery challenge I tried in September, I ended up in an after hours dentists visit with my son.  He had a mishap and chipped up four teeth.  The whole ordeal wore me out and I did nothing for most of the evening after getting the boy home from the dentist.

So then today we had the company we planned on tomorrow evening come up early…and got here about 6:00 today.  Right in the middle of Grace’s volleyball games.  Hectic.  That’s been the last 24+  hours.

Enough about that.  I decided to pull myself out of the rut I’d try something new.  I made a 6 week menu and then set some small weekly goals for many areas of my life.  I have a weekly scrap booking goal before I meet a friend for a weekend scrapping retreat in November.  I have weekly homekeeping goals, exercise goals, work goals.  My hope is that breaking some of those big goals into these measurable small steps will be good.

I also have some blogging goals.  I like being able to move some things out of my head and onto paper, so to speak.  So my goal for October is to write every day.  I have garden updates to record.  Tips I’ve been using that I want to remember…things like that.

So here’s day one.  I’ll be back tomorrow…


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