Enough Already!

On Wednesday my son had a mishap and chipped his bottom front four teeth.  Permanent teeth.  Screaming in pain he watched me try to find a dentist who could see us.  It was close to 5pm and our dentist was out-of-town until next Tuesday.  In an after-hours appointment we got things taken care of and by noon Thursday he was back at school.

He came home that same day with glasses missing a screw.  Off to the eye doctor so they could replace the screw, at no cost.

Today (Friday, although it is technically Saturday) the nurse called from school to tell me that this same son got hit in the mouth with a basketball.  Thankfully his newly repaired teeth were still intact and after some ice he could return to class.

Then the kids wanted to go roller skating tonight.  OK.  When they were picked up my daughter was crying in pain.  She’d fallen and hurt her arm.  A little while after getting home and icing it, she was still wincing every time she moved at all.  We decided to take her in.  Now I’m back.  Several x-rays later we know she is alright.  No fractures.  Welcome news.

Sometimes it is so tough to know when to get medical attention for your child, or yourself for that matter.  When it is normal illness stuff I tend to take a wait & see approach.  We don’t run in with runny noses or coughs.  Humidifiers, plenty of fluids and rest are given time to work first.

However, when one of my children is in genuine severe pain I have trouble taking that same approach.  Tonight I think we certainly could’ve waited a couple of hours to see how she felt once she calmed down and the ibuprofen had time to kick in.  It just didn’t seem like it at the time.  I am glad to know for sure that there is no break there…but I also feel like I rushed into the decision to take her.

This parent thing can sure be tough.  After the last few days I’d like to just wrap my kids in a big bubble wrap hug and keep them close.  I know it’s not realistic…but a mom can dream, can’t she?


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