Make Do Monday: Rice Packs

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We all got the seasonal flu shot in September.  My kids are really good about shots and things so that isn’t ever an issue for us, thank goodness.  The kids did, however, complain of sore arms afterwards.  I suggested the simple and frugal of course, telling them to move their arms to help keep them from getting stiff.  At bedtime as they were having a little snack I was kicking myself for not making mini-rice packs sooner.  They would’ve been perfect to apply to the shot spots.  The warmth from them can be really soothing.

As I was lamenting my lack of planning I realized that I could complain about not having what we needed or I could make do.  I went to the rag bag and pulled two old socks without holes (they were either the pair to a holey sock or just too small) and put some rice in each.  Tied with some cotton string I had, they were complete.  A very short time in the microwave and the kids were off to bed, both happy with their warm little buddy.

Quick and easy little rice packs.

The next morning both arms were feeling better and the kids thanked me for the little warm packs.  I think the little bundles of warmth did help some, but I also think that children are sometimes soothed by the idea that mom or dad did something to help.

Either way, we made-do that day.

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2 responses to “Make Do Monday: Rice Packs

  1. Your post is so full of truths! I do believe that a lot of the times, kids just need to know that parents want to help. Maybe the warm rice socks really did not do anything, but the knowledge that mom acted and made something just for them especially for this moment made them feel better. I know that my kids sometimes just want me near when they are doing their homework, not for my help, but as a comfort. I love my two kids.

    I think I will make a couple of these, maybe 4, because we are planning on getting our flu shots this week!

    Thanks for such a great idea, and easy instructions. Thanks for linking to Make-Do Mondays and be sure to come back often.


  2. This is a wonderful idea. I wonder if I should do this for our baby when she gets her next shots next month. She’s 5 months old. She’s pretty good when she gets her shots, cries for a few minutes after and by the time we have her dressed and ready to leave the office, she’s fine. She’s not fussy later at night either from the shots. So, probably no need for the rice bags now…..but I’ll keep them in mind for when she’s older. Thanks for sharing!

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