Menu Plan Monday ~ October 5th


Last week I put together a loose 6 week menu plan so I’m excited to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Here’s the plan for this week.  We have Grace gone for two nights at Volleyball games.  Since she won’t be playing with her sprained wrist we won’t be travelling to see the games.  Then Grace and Dan will be gone all day on Saturday.  Also, Grace requested tator tot hotdish for her lunch tomorrow so we’ll have it tonight for dinner.


  • oatmeal, banana, milk
  • eggs scrambled with sausage & cheese, grapes, fried potatoes, bagels, milk
  • tator-tot hot dish (split into two dishes, see lunch tomorrow), pears, milk


  • cereal, milk, juice
  • tator-tot hot dish, apple, bread & butter, milk
  • pork loin, squash, cornbread, green beans, milk


  • cornbread, banana, milk
  • pork, fried rice w/vegetables. oranges,  milk
  • chimis, salad, corn, milk


  • english muffin with peanut butter, applesauce,milk
  • turkey sloppy joes, french fries, grapes, milk
  • CORN


  • oatmeal, raisins & apple, milk
  • tomato soup, grilled cheese, carrots, milk
  • pizza, salad, carrot sticks


  • cereal & juice
  • lunch out after  flag football
  • eggy muffins, fruit, milk


  • cereal or English muffins, fruit, milk
  • oven fried chicken, peas, peaches, cornbread, milk
  • potato soup and sandwiches, leftover fresh produce

The lunches are what the daycare children, my husband & I eat each day.  My kids eat hot lunch at school once a week and take cold lunch the rest of the week.  So when you see a vegetable repeated for lunch and dinner,  please remember it is new to my kids at dinner.  Hubby and I don’t mind repeats and we sometimes sub for another, leftover vegetable or salad.

For more menu ideas check out other menu plans at I’m an Organizing Junkie!


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  1. I love that you have corn for dinner one night! One of my best memories of growing up in the Midwest was when corn would come in and we would eat corn, tomatoes and cucumbers for dinner!!! So easy, healthy but fabulous!

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