WFMW: Baking Soda


For this themed edition of WFMW I’m sharing my easiest and probably cheapest cleaning tip.  It is of course the frugal favorite.

A whole lot of coloring happens around here.  Much of it at my kitchen counter.  Have you ever noticed the black marks/residue that coloring book pages leave behind?  Before long my counter is a dull gray color…just plain dingy.

Luckily I have a quick way to clean it up.  Wipe the counter with a damp cloth, sprinkle with baking soda then rub it all in/around with your damp hand.  Wipe clean with a wet cloth and dry.  Bright and shiny…and smells fresh too.  An added bonus is that the baking soda softens your hands at the same time.

This works on white desktops as well.  My kids periodically clean off their desks this way and I love that it isn’t a cleaner I have to worry about them spilling or making a mess with while they clean.

What I ought to do to make this better and easier is move the baking soda from it’s box to a container that it can be sprinkled out of, like a recycled spice container.

No matter what the container it comes from, this is another way baking soda works for me!  Check out other awesome tips over at We are THAT Family!  You won’t be disappointed.



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2 responses to “WFMW: Baking Soda

  1. Good to know! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Eliza Welch

    I just found your blog, and it’s wonderful!

    I just started my blog and I would absolutely love it if you would stop by!
    Eliza’s Blog

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