Food on Fridays: Green Tomatoes

I have been meaning to do a garden wrap-up post but just don’t have the time right now.  Maybe next week.  I do however have a minute to tell you that I am adventurous today!  I have never tasted anything with green tomatoes or done anything with them but throw them in the compost.  I know.  What a waste, right?

So I searched for ideas.  You always see fried green tomatoes.  I am not a HUGE raw/fresh tomato fan nor am I a big fried food fan (unless it contains potatoes, cheese, chicken or fish) so that was not something I wanted to try.  I did hit on some green tomato salsa recipes that looked good.

This morning I made my first batch of green tomato salsa. It isn’t bad.  I only had some broken chips in the bottom of a bag left, so I didn’t get a good taste.  Dan felt like I did.  I think there are definite possibilities…  I plan to buy some chips tonight and have some tomorrow.  Then probably make another batch.  If we decide it is a keeper I’ll share the recipe.

What I like about it is that there is no blanching or peeling of the tomato!  Much easier.  And I think it would pair really well with chicken.  In fact if we don’t love it with chips I have already decided that the jars I made today would still get used.  I could easily add a jar to some chicken pieces in the crock pot and cook it all day.  Wouldn’t that make a tasty enchilada filling?

There is satisfaction in being a little daring in the kitchen and saving something that would’ve otherwise gone to waste.

If you have any other good ideas for my remaining green tomatoes I would love to hear them!  And if you are looking for more food talk on fridays head on over to Ann Kroeker’s for Food on Fridays.


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