Christmas Cards

This year I am trying to get my act together early in hopes of a more relaxed holiday season.  I am going on a scrapbook retreat the weekend before Thanksgiving and that has kind of become my “done by” date in my head.  Not done with everything, mind you.  But I would like to have my cards done and gifts almost done.  Some organizing and cleaning projects too. I still plan to bake in December.  And wrap gifts.  Do a little shopping…but I hope to not have a frenzied list for December.

So Christmas cards were on my list.  It isn’t a favorite chore of mine like it used to be.  I used to write individual notes to most people.  Yes, it took a lot of time.  I don’t think I’ve really done that in 10 years.  Funny how that coincides with having TWO kids.

Saturday I was out shopping in another town and found a good deal on coordinating shirts for my boys (hubby & son) so I got those with Christmas pictures in mind.  We’re a casual family so they are just long sleeved polo shirts.  We girls already had some things that would work with the boys’ new shirts.  My plan was to see if the neighbor could come over on Sunday after church to take a couple of photos.  Unfortunately no one was home when we called so instead of obsessing about it (which would not have been unheard of) I decided to relax and modify the plan.  I told the kids to get ready…it would be just the kids on the card this year.  I took a couple dozen photos in a couple spots in the yard and called it good enough.  I then finished the cards during the Viking’s game and decided I might as well order them while I was at it.

Our card will look a bit like this ~ but from the other side.

Our card will look a bit like this ~ but from the other side

Today I got an email. Those cards were shipped. How crazy is that?

Are you starting to work on those holiday lists?  What do you like to get done early?


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