Make-Do Monday: Hide TV Cords

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The opening in our entertainment center is larger than the TV by several inches.  DVD player, VCR and cable boxes are on a shelf above the TV which means that you can see all those black cords above the TV running to the shelf above.  This has always bothered me a little but I just didn’t know how to solve the unsightly problem.  Of course a beautiful piece of furniture under a lovely flat screen hung on the wall would be my first choice…however that’s not in the budget.

While putting up my fall decorations a last month I came across some pumpkin-y fabric I had used on a shelf last year.  I didn’t need it in the same spot this year.  Then it came to me.  After getting a couple of tacks out of my junk drawer I tacked up the fabric to cover the opening in the back of the entertainment center.  the background of the fabric is similar to my wall color and it looks pretty good.  The cords are hidden between the fabric and wall.  It looks much less cluttered now.

Cords are nicely hidden now.

Cords are nicely hidden.

I think I’ll probably go through my fabric to see what I have to correspond to other seasons as well, or maybe just get a bit of all-purpose fabric to use year ’round.  It is certainly an acceptable make-do solution until I get that flat screen and stuff.

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2 responses to “Make-Do Monday: Hide TV Cords

  1. I love this idea! What a great way to hide those yucky cords and coordinate a fun seasonal/holiday decoration at the same time. I will have to look for ways to use some of my fun fabrics, especially for Christmas this year. If I remember to do this, I am sure they will pop up on a Make-Do Monday.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for dropping by MDM and please link again.

    Practically Perfect Life
    Make-Do Mondays

  2. mub

    This is such a simple but brilliant idea! It seems really versatile too =)

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