Yep, THAT Family.

I wrote recently about my accident prone kids here.  What I didn’t say is that no one was truly surprised by our series of events that happened so close together.

Examples?  Oh yeah, I got examples.

My kids went to grandma’s for a few days.  The boy came home without his glasses.  That was 6 weeks ago and we’ve given up hope that they’ll turn up.  I think they got thrown away at a movie theater where he’d taken them off to put on the 3D glasses.   About a month later my husband and daughter spent a weekend away for a mini hunting trip.  She came back without her glasses.  The hotel did have them turned in.  Someone found them in the parking lot.  They had been run over.  Thankfully the case took the brunt of it and they could be bent back into shape.  This time.

Two weeks prior to my son breaking his teeth I received a call from the nurses’ office at school.  He had hurt his arm playing kickball and she wasn’t sure if it might be broken.  It wasn’t, but what was funny was that the next day at flag football practice a teacher who is a friend of ours asked Dan if Stanley had been the kid who got hurt at kickball.  Dan confirmed that it was indeed our boy.  Apparently she heard that a boy had gotten hurt and asked if it was “Stanley SmallTown” to which the others said that they didn’t think so but it was a Stanley…She said she nodded and told them that she was sure it was him then.

It’s nice to have folks know who you are…especially when you are relatively new to that town.  But really?  Is this how we want to be known?  As THAT family?

Kristen is having a great Blogoversary Carnival over at her place, We are THAT Family.  Check out the fun stories!


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  1. Yep, you’re not alone.
    Thanks for celebrating with me!

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