Frugal Friday: Wait


The question asked?  How do you save money.

I have two answers…both of them simple.  At least on the surface.

Using cash for daily/regular expenses like groceries, gas and household items has saved us tons of money!  I talked about it here.

Today though I would have to say waiting is on the top of my list.  Let’s face it…instant gratification is expensive.

All too often it is easy to run out and buy that thing you ran out of today.  Oh no!  I don’t have any chili powder!  So off to the store I go.  Hmm, look at those sale prices.  I better get a few other things.  There goes $20.  Ask me when I used the $2 chili powder.  Couple weeks later.  Didn’t use the other things right away either.  Was the time and money involved in that trip worth it? A few years ago I would’ve said yes.  Those are necessities so its good I ran out to buy them.

That was then.  This is now.  In SmallTown things changed.

Today I made chili.  When looking for the chili powder I remembered that I used it all last month.  Guess I forgot to put it on my grocery list.  No worries though.  I substituted some other spices and it was good.  Now chili powder is on my list for my next trip out-of-town.  I talked about my two list system a while back.  Having a second list full of items that can wait has helped me really evaluate needs.  Because not all needs are equal.

And here is a story that still makes me laugh…it shows that even with cash I sometimes wait.  Just because I’m stubborn like that.

There are more frugal tips over at Life as MOM for Frugal Friday…check it out!



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2 responses to “Frugal Friday: Wait

  1. That’s the way I am too -I’m always running out of things but I substitute and put them on my next grocery list -you have a great way of saving.

    • smalltownsimplehome

      Funny how we can substitute when we really need to! Do you ever find yourself just deciding you don’t need something on your list? Thanks for stopping by!

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