November Goals

A new month is here and I have high hopes for a great start to the Holiday season.   This month, I hope to get a new routine established for myself.  I enjoy my role as home-maker and I enjoy working with the kids in my child care, but I’ll be honest…sometimes it is crazy having people here, coming and going, upwards of 55 hours a week.  Balancing my own family schedule on top of that adds more juggling.  When I’ve got a rhythm to my days, both in housework and child care, I am much happier.

Over the summer I took a long road trip with my mom, then just a couple weeks later I took off another week to spend with my husband and kids.  Since mid-August I can’t seem to find my rhythm for more than a few days.

I’ve been thinking about it in the context of the person who plateaus with their fitness goals.  The recipe for continued success is often to shake things up.  It is said that our bodies get used to a certain routine and so results slow down.

Can this happen with our daily routines too?  Do we get so used to the routine that we get lax about getting things done?  Do we find subtle changes in our lives that make parts of our old routine ineffective?

Since September I’ve been relaxing my schedule & expectations a bit.  I am getting things done in fits and starts.  Not as satisfying as I’d like.  I’ve been following along with 100 days to Christmas, Organized Christmas, Home Sanctuary and a bit of FlyLady.  I like the spontaneity of the daily challenges that each put forth.

I used to be a faithful FlyLady follower…I made up my own Zone checklists in a postcard size and along with my customized weekly checklist I would stay on track.  I liked knowing that my whole house got some cleaning attention each month.  It was very good while it lasted.  I want some of that back.

So for now I plan to work in the FlyLady zone of the week, do some of the other daily challenges out there and try to fit in some regular exercise.  I know it seems like a lot to bite off right before the holidays but I think a new routine in place will actually contribute to a more relaxed holiday season.

Follow along…I’ll be blogging what I’m trying and how it’s going.  I also plan to do a weekly post on things I’m thankful for because it is almost Thanksgiving.


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