November Goal: Expectations

To make this a more thoughtful process, I suppose I should look at my expectations for a new routine.  What is it I truly want to accomplish?  What is important to me?  Really, what are my goals?

I want to feel some sense of control. Do you ever have that feeling like you are bouncing from thing to thing?  You start one project and all of a sudden you can’t remember the last time you watered the plants?  Sometimes I feel like I’m living my own If You Give a Pig a Pancake book.  Maybe something like If You Give a Mom a Mission. I’m looking to avoid that feeling.

It is important that I find a realistic balance. The perfectionist in me tends to fall into the all or nothing camp.  So much piles up because I just don’t have time to do it properly.  This is where the daily challenges come in handy.  I feel like I accomplished something without over-planning it.  I want to be able to have a more relaxed attitude about housework.

Making room for fun is an extension of that realistic balance.  I think my family would appreciate that.

So I hope to set up some morning, work & evening routines that put a rhythm in my days.  In the coming days I’ll take a look at the challenges I face and how to combat those challenges.  I’ll also look at what has worked in the past.    Maybe next week this time I’ll be starting some new routines.  Wouldn’t that be something!

I’d love to hear what has worked for you.  How do you strike a balance between work & play?


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