Company Girl Coffee 11.13.09

coffee girls

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I’ve posted.  What a tough week.  Work as been all-consuming this week and that is hard sometimes.  If you’ve been here much you may know that I run a daycare in my home.  I have kids here about 10.5 hours a day, almost 55 hours a week.  I’ve also put in a few extra hours reading up on preschool sleep patterns and needs, a couple hours doing some extra sanitizing after a child got pink eye, a few hours of the regular cleaning/sanitizing, and some extra bookkeeping/tax work & lesson planning  for a few more hours.  I think I’m at close to 80 hours this last week.  I have good families and fun kids but 8 kids under 3.5 years old can be challenging sometimes.  Today I only have two little ones so this nap time should be some guaranteed quiet time and I welcome that.

Also this week the door on the upright freezer was left open for a day.  I found it during work hours of course so that made it hard for me to put my attention there.  It did get all cleaned out and only one kitchen garbage bag full of food went to the garbage.  While it looks so much better and I’m glad it is cleaned out, the timing could’ve been better.

I’ve tried to keep up on the daily challenges I check in on and honestly, it feels like little else is getting accomplished.  This weekend I plan to spend a day sewing.  My basket of projects is getting full so I am anxious to get to that.  I ripped apart a bunch of old corduroys and jeans this week so that I can turn them into some big floor pillows for my tweens to hang out on in the family room. There are baby things to make for daycare…like bibs and play mats.  I like crafty weekends and that is exactly what I am planning.  Some crafts and catch up on other household things.

While this week or so got away from me, I am not discouraged.  I am still working on that November goal of getting a new working routine going…slow and steady wins the race, right?  And last night I did pamper myself a little.  I had a hair appointment so now I’ve got a little new fall color, cleaned up brows and a fresh trim.  When I got home I ignored the craft project I should’ve prepped and gave myself a good pedicure instead.

Now that nap time is almost over I should get a little straightening up done.  Welcome company girls! I am so glad you stopped by.  While I’m not a coffee drinker, I’d be happy to dust off the coffee maker my MIL insists I keep on hand.  Or I’ll make you a cup of tea.  Because I love to visit!



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9 responses to “Company Girl Coffee 11.13.09

  1. Wow – you’ve been busy! And dealing with pink eye, too, takes some extra time. Thanks for making the time to have ‘us’ over for coffee!

  2. Sorry things have been so crazy! Maybe you can have a nice relaxing weekend!

  3. I really admire moms like you who manage to run a daycare in their home. I might have the patience, but lack the organizational skills. Hopefully you can recharge your batteries this weekend! Thanks for the tea!

  4. Wow! I didn’t realize that you have a daycare during the day…you really pack it in! I think you’ve gotten a lot done with everything going on….I’m impressed.

    Crafts would be the first to “go” on my list with little ones to keep busy…I’d love to see what you are working on. I can hot glue, but can’t really sew 🙂

    • smalltownsimplehome

      I don’t sew anything fancy, believe me! My sewing projects are very utilitarian…lots of straight lines!

      Crafts are the hardest for me to do with little ones…I much prefer open-ended art and exploring different things with sensory tubs and play opportunities, so the crafts are easiest for me to scratch off the list. Oddly, I wish I could find more time for personal crafting.

      thanks for stopping by!

  5. joyceandnorm

    You totally deserve to treat yourself. You have been mighty busy. I worked in childcare before (but it was Pre-K), and can’t imagine running a daycare. It’s very demanding work. But I know how rewarding it is to watch the kids learn and grow. The hugs and kisses are nice too. Hope you’ll be able to get a few things done.

  6. LydiaCate

    Wow, you are amazing! I know you are a blessing to those families whose children you keep. You obviously have a gift.
    I do hope your load is much lighter this week. Of course closed freezer doors will help tremendously. I had that happen last spring. I spent the entire day roasting, boiling, frying, browning every meat known to man. I called it “meat-a-palooza”! And it never happens at a good time does it?

    • smalltownsimplehome

      I keep asking the kids if they are SURE they closed the freezer every time they bring something up for me. And for supper that night we cooked the 3 emergency (not so) frozen pizzas. I love the “meat-a-palooza”!

  7. smalltownsimplehome

    Thanks for stopping by ladies! I had a good weekend. Not everything got crossed off my list but I had fun and tried some new things so that was energizing.
    Yes, daycare can keep one very busy but the rewards are many. Mostly it adds a new dimension to that balance we all strive for.

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