November Goal: Challenges

As I’m thinking about this new routine I want, I’m trying to keep the challenges in mind.  Maybe planning for those ineveitable road blocks will help.  While  anything unexpected can turn into a “challenge” for a planner like me, I am trying to look at the main challenges I see.

Separating work and personal lives. Working long hours at home makes it hard to stop working sometimes.  It’s easy to look at those toys and decide they need cleaned and switched out for others at 7 pm on a Thursday night.  Because you really wanted to do it last weekend.  Knowing the baby is teething and the toddlers are crabby with colds can mean you fix a casserole tonight for lunch tomorrow so you don’t have to be in the kitchen too much tomorrow.   Feeling like you work all the time is a definite recipe for burn out.  And it sucks the fun out of family time.

Indulging in time wasters to escape. I could watch tv all evening every evening.  Easily.  I love shows like CSI and the Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Cold Case…you get the idea.  I also like sitcoms.  I’m not much for reality tv, thank goodness.  So you can see that this is a great way to escape.  And I have a partner in crime too, since my hubby loves tv as much or more.  I can also waste untold hours online.  Think of what I could accomplish if I just turned off the tv and did something.  I will say that I’ve made a small stride in the right direction.  I refuse to watch any of the new shows out this season (except Accidentally on Purpose because I loved Dharma & Greg) and so Tuesday evenings are totally open.

Not having clear goals. Without a clear map of what I want to do and when it is easy to stumble through the days, feeling more on top of things some and clueless others.

Unpredictable things that fall into the day (and usually involve kids). Planning a lovely evening of a fun project after a nice dinner isn’t going to matter when one kid comes home with a page of science experiments that need completed by tomorrow and the other really wants to go to the basketball game in an hour.  Or your husband calls to say that he forgot he had a meeting that evening.  Or the kids were monkeys all day and you’ve had no quiet time at all to catch up on the mess.  There are just going to be times when you need a Plan B.




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2 responses to “November Goal: Challenges

  1. Your ‘clear goals’ tip speaks to me. I am trying hard to be more deliberate in how I choose to spend my time, making sure my activities work toward those goals.

    I’m a HUGE fan of Plan B!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. Evidently no one likes to clean!!

    Finding a balance is the lifelong goal of every mother. It is like juggling 20 pieces of fine china and fearing one will slip!!


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